Saturday, March 14, 2015

Pies for Pi

   Jen and Greg Garbos hosted a very fun, and, okay, totally nerdy celebration for Pi day. Guests brought sweet and savory pies of all kinds to share.
   The very thoughtful Tompkins clan not only brought three homemade pies, but one of their letterpress prints, which all guests signed to commemorate the occasion:
   Brett and Shane, looking a little pie drunk:
   Tess was out like a light!
   I've been to their estate multiple times, but I always jump at the chance to tour the greenhouse and the micro greens operation. City Bitty Farms supplies all of our area's finest restaurants!
   And at 9:26, Greg completed the "Pi drop" to wind down the festivities. Love my friends so much, and SO enjoy any excuse to get together. I have to admit that the pie potluck was genius.
   Here's why this Pi day is special, in case you're wondering. We'll probably all be dead by the next time a 10-digit Pi day rolls around.