Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Spring run

   I love winter running for the cold temperatures, but every time spring rolls around, it's such a miracle how quickly everything changes, and the splendor unfolds seemingly right before your eyes, even on a single run. This morning was the best of both worlds: 40° and blooming.
   Spring running is a feast for the senses: rich color, trees exploding with buds, sweetgum pods littering the suddenly green grass, goosebumps on your arms, drinking in the fragrant, cool breeze, toes squishy from running through wet grass and leaves, reflections of Canada geese and Mallard ducks in lakes, scent of flowers and freshly cut grass, and plenty of runway, time, and space to get lost in the expansiveness of it all.
   I left the house at nine, well after busy people headed off to work. Virtually had the streets of my neighborhood to myself; all was quiet and peaceful. Exactly what I needed this morning. Plenty of challenge in the hilly roads, and plenty of nature to distract me from them. 
   Nearing the end of my 7 miles, I snapped this abstract shot. There's beauty in everything, if we stop to notice it.
   My Adidas came back soaked, and covered with mud and debris from yesterday's rain. And I came back happy and refreshed.
  When I got home, I realized that my backyard was also blooming. My mom sent a bunch of daffodil bulbs when I moved into my house 10 years ago. They make me think of her every spring.
   And here's an article about running that I'm saving till I need it: how to break the 4-hour mark in a  full marathon. I feel it coming someday. And here's a good article on training for a half. So I'll just double the advice and I'm golden, right?