Wednesday, March 11, 2015

To My Hallmark Family

   I've had a few people write really incredible recommendations for me on LinkedIn and I just wanted to publicly say I'm touched & I appreciate it! It means so much to have friends & colleagues take the time to do that for me, and it will undoubtedly help me find my next dream gig. (And I'd love to get a few more, if I may be so bold as to plead...) Here's the direct link to write a recommendation for someone.
   I've always said Hallmark has been so good to me all these years, and really, it's all you guys. Thank you all for supporting me through this life transition--I'm excited to figure out and announce my next adventure. Love you!! <3

   You know, the human psyche is an interesting thing; I am perfectly fine with hurling myself down a mountain at 40 mph on a thin slab of wood & fiberglass; or diving 100' underwater surrounded by sharks and a tank of air on my back... But something about this "unknown" territory I'm staring down is very unsettling. Scary even.
   I know I'll get past it; I just need to keep processing it until I'm there. I appreciate you listening and encouraging me! Helps me SO much to know I have so many people cheering me on. Giving you a virtual hug & high-five!