Wednesday, April 1, 2015

6 ways scuba divers rule at life

Love this article from PADI... truth!
#1 – You know how to go with the flow literally and figuratively: The resistance of water forces us to slow everything down.  Divers rule because we know: Life doesn’t always go the way we want it to, when that happens act slowly and deliberately and don’t fight forces of nature.
#2 – You’re better at communicating: Whether it’s with hand signals or flashlights, we are constantly checking in with a buddy. The more you dive the more you learn how to identify a diver in distress.  Divers rule because we know: Communication is important to any relationship. Divers know the importance of checking-in to let your partner know you’re OK.
#3 – You’re brave: Breathing underwater is an unnatural act for humans. After proper training you learn to trust your equipment and your instructor.  Divers rule because we know: A new experience once thought to be scary isn’t so bad after education and practice.
#4 – You know how to prioritize: Three outfits for a 7-day trip? No problem. Equipment that gives you a memorable experience takes precedence over looking good.  Divers rule because we know: Happiness means prioritizing experiences. Making memories that last a lifetime is far more important that superficial stuff.
#5 – You know how to get things done: Every diver knows to begin their dive against the current.  Divers rule because we know: Getting the hard part out of the way first will mean having the time and space to relax later.
#6 – You learn to play well with others: Scuba divers bond together by their shared experience. The scuba diving community creates a sense of camaraderie.  Divers rule because we know: Everyone wants to be part of a community. Divers have a way to bond with others outside of family and work.