Saturday, April 11, 2015

Happy Birthday, Charlie!

   What an awesome night for a birthday party for my good friend, Charlie. We were treated to a fantastic dinner spread courtesy of Phillipe, and the fancy wine was flowing.. Their condo is simply amazing. An oasis in Kansas City that feels like you're in a real city! Had I had any idea that their neighborhood existed, I'm sure I would've moved there myself years ago!
   It turned out that Charlie and Phillipe  were the only two at the party whom I had met previously. And I am so glad to now call their friends my friends! I had so much fun meeting everyone, and the mix of people was perfect. We laughed all night! (Those of us in the kitchen heard the group on the patio laughing and attempted to outlaugh them.)
   Here is a picture of Charlie, who is in his 40s, but going on 12, apparently. He got Legos!!!
   And this is their naughty Basenji, Finn. Finn watched for the table to be unattended, jumped up on one of the chairs, and circled the perimeter going from chair to chair, looking for food to steal. And he was successful more than once. He is hilarious! Can't wait to get him over to my house to meet the Shibas.
   I spent most of the evening talking with Lindsay (about traveling to Australia for an extended stay) and Kacey (about all of the creative an entrepreneurial contacts she has here in town… she's going to get me connected!).