Sunday, April 12, 2015

Inspiration: Strategies for moving forward

   Here's a link to yet another great article for those (like me) who are contemplating and acting on major life changes. Good thoughts on barriers to overcome and strategies for success.
   I know I've been posting a lot of this type of thing these last few weeks... partly to benefit myself of course, and partly to benefit my friends who are facing a tough decision (whether to voluntarily leave Hallmark or to wait it out and see if they will make the cut in May/June), as well as other big changes, good or bad. 
   One of the things I've learned during my transition so far is that some days are easier than others. Even great excitement about the future can sometimes be contaminated with fear or frustration—okay, let's be honest—exhaustion—but I'm determined not to let those moments get me down.
   I've been connecting with people on LinkedIn like crazy in various industries and have had some great conversations with recruiters and hiring managers... keep those good thoughts coming, friends!
   Doodlers Anonymous just posted an article that supported what I already know, which is that positive thoughts and quotes can go a long way towards preparing you to meet your goals. Which is why I'm so unapologetically sharing them all the time.
   "Beautiful and inspiring project... Quotes are a powerful force. Reading the right ones can change your entire perspective on life, love, and other big deals."