Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Beauty outside

   The neighbor's roses, above, and my peonies, below. I paused to enjoy these while I was mowing the lawn this evening.
   After I finished my lawn, there was still daylight and the rain and had held off, so I went over to Scott and Abby's yard and mowed theirs, too. Abby must have heard me, and came out of the house to give me a hug and thank me. She said she had a rough day, with the baby and the dog having thrown up on her, and the other kid (potty training is underway) peed on her. She was on her third outfit! I really mowed the lawn because I had been on the computer all day and was glad to be up and moving, getting some fresh air. Of course I knew they would appreciate it. But it made me happy to hear that it made her day! For about four years, my former neighbor, Bob, mowed my front yard for me. That saved me at least 30 minutes of work every week. I'm glad to pay it forward when I can.
   Back on the subject of beauty, I found the body of a beautiful Downy woodpecker just under their tree; it appeared to have been caught by a cat. It was sad to see, and yet it gave me the chance to fully appreciate the beautiful design of this sweet little bird. And as my buddy Rick would advise me, I regarded it with wonder.

   Similarly I found a dead robin recently. What a beautiful and amazing creature.