Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Cinco de mygodimsobusy

   En la vida te vas a arrepentir mas de lo que hiciste que de lo que si. (When you look back on your life you'll regret the things you didn't do more then the ones you did.)
   Today has been crazy busy! It started out with a text from Michele, checking to see if I could come watch Hazel and Jasper and their friends perform as "jellybeans" in their school talent show. But of course!
   It was a riot, and got a great reaction from the whole crowd. This was one of several rehearsals before they perform in front of the entire school!
   My next stop was the post office, to send out some birthday cards, sympathy cards, and this fun package for my nephew, Sean.
   It's funny, I still have a pretty good stockpile of Hallmark cards, but I seriously doubt that I will ever shop regularly in a card shop again. I see a lot of hand drawn cards in my future. Although I love brighten peoples' days, a drawing means more than a purchased card, and I finally understand what our consumers experience with the expense of money and time to go card shopping. Nothing against Hallmark, but... They'll never make a banana card as cute as the one I drew. ;)
   Then I ran up to said card conglomerate and picked up Jessica Brace for a Cinco De Mayo lunch at Sol Cantina. She used to be an art director at Scuba Diving magazine in Savannah, Georgia, and may have some contacts for me! It was nice to finally get the chance to talk with her and hear her thoughts about the future.
   Then I stopped by HQ to see my old buddy Matt Kesler. He is doing incredible work as always, and maybe even more incredible than ever before. But like everyone else, he is concerned about who will be laid off on June 1.
   After that, I stopped by Posty Cards to see the Mid America Printing Association show, and cast my ballot for the People's choice award. And, since I was in the neighborhood, I paid a surprise visit to my buddy, Dick. He was totally surprised, and I got to meet his new employee, Amie J, too.
   Now that I'm finally home I am feeling the urgency to work on some actual work, but I'm a little tired... It was a great day, full of creativity, old friends, and new friends; I got hugs and "I love yous" from two guys who have been hugely inspirational and influential in my life. All in all, a pretty amazing day.