Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Dreams of unmarked marathons

   Last night I had the most interesting, and most accurate dream summing up my stress about the future: I was running a marathon through many levels of a mansion, including a cellar and a massive landscape, with a crowd of athletes around me… And as if that weren't challenging enough, it was entirely unmarked.
   I would take the lead, choose a direction, meet some obstacle, and the other runners would bottleneck around me. Some would get ahead; I repeatedly had to get crafty to figure out how to get back in front. It was a really exciting caper; like watching Oceans 11, except that it was also stressful and frustrating to be on a course with no roadmap... And SO many options!
   I wish I had stayed asleep long enough to discover where I crossed the finish line. All I can say is that I never gave up.