Sunday, May 3, 2015


   What a perfectly gorgeous morning for a run! The temperature was in the mid 60s, but there was enough of a breeze to make it comfortable. I did my big rectangle down to Quivira Road and back; the first half is flat and the second half is hilly, so it is quite challenging. The route crosses over several freeways and some train tracks, so it's not the typical definition of "scenic" but I love it nonetheless. Partly because it reminds me of running through downtown Portland, and over and back across the many bridges there. Just lovely.
   The scenic part came in as I arrived back in my neighborhood; Loren & Edna's irises are blooming, as are my azaleas.
   I've recently been trying a new strategy on my runs that I read about online, the 30–20–10. The idea is that you do an easy jog for 30 seconds, then your race pace for 20 seconds, then a sprint for 10 seconds. Then you repeat the cycle, training your body to speed up and recover while you keep running. I've only been doing it for a couple weeks, but it must be working, because I'm having my fastest average times in about two years!
   What I've also noticed is that my personality comes through while I'm running: it is difficult for me to maintain a slow jog. My inclination is always to hit the throttle and run as hard as I can, even though I know that it has been scientifically proven that allowing yourself to run slower and recover increases your average speed.
   The other thing I notice is that when I am running into a headwind, I run harder.  When the going gets tough, I get tougher. I intend to carry this mantra through to my career search as well. Though I may be running into a headwind with some of the new careers I am exploring, the one thing I know is that absolutely no one will work harder than I will to achieve my goals. No one.