Saturday, May 16, 2015

IDC countdown

   A full day of sitting in the sunshine at the Lang house in Gower, studying physics, physiology, dive planning, environment, equipment and more with the best buddies imaginable. And the food and drink was just as good!
   This just in: sangria mix studying physics go down much easier. Smooth like butter!
   One of three naughty Westies running around. I'm not sure if this is Megan, Lacey, or Charlie:
   During our study session, Chris and Kevin's daughter Kayla (20) guessed me at "27-30 years old." Did I mention how much I love Kayla? And we decided I was going to start a band called "Jen & The Rebreathers" with our first album called Carotid Reflex, and our hit single "Air Embolism." Someone complimented me on how smart I sounded pronouncing all of these physiology terms, and I said, "Well, I don't want to brag… But my sister is a doctor." HA!
   And upon returning home, hanging in the backyard with my own sweet pets.  The birds were chirping so loudly you could barely hear yourself think! But think I did, and continued studying for a few more hours.
   On Sunday we spent most of the day in the pool at the shop, with staff instructor Scott putting us through our paces. SO fun. One of my hoses came loose and I had a free flow behind my head while we were in the deep end of the pool on the very first skill. The irreverent and inappropriate jokes started almost immediately, and devolved into someone accidentally breathing into the pocket mask on their pretend unconscious victim at the surface, motorboating her lips. (I was playing the other victim at the time, so my ears were underwater, and I could still hear everyone laughing.)
   I'm feeling more confident for the IE every time we get together! Two weeks and counting!