Saturday, May 23, 2015

If you lie down with dogs...

   You wake up with smiles. (No fleas. Trust me.)
   I did the goofiest thing last night. I was lying there in bed, thinking about everything I have to do and getting some ideas for this poster I'm designing for someone. And I just couldn't get to sleep… I couldn't stop thinking. And I heard Taylor sighing a few times, too. It seems that neither of us could sleep!
   I've never allowed the dogs on my bed before, mostly because I don't want my bed to be covered with dog hair so I hopped down onto the floor, grabbed the fleece blanket, and curled up in the big dog bed. Taylor came over excitedly and laid on top of me. He licked my arm a few times and wagged his tail, telling me how happy he was. There we slept for a while, until both of us admitted quietly that it wasn't actually that comfortable and decided to go back to our own beds.
   I was just so taken by how obviously happy Taylor was for me to curl up with him. Pets have such sweet, short lives, and I love to make them as joyful as possible. :)