Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Aloha, Hawaii!!!

   Hawaii, it has been 5 years since we have seen each other, and that is FAR too long. Let's get cozy again, shall we? I love your laid-back, hospitable attitude; your fresh pineapple; your bamboo forests, waterfalls, and volcanoes; and I am looking forward to meeting the acquaintance of your conservationists, your seahorses, and your manta rays.  (And hopefully sample some of Iron Chef Japan, Masaharu Morimoto's food! http://www.themodernhonolulu.com/morimoto-waikiki-honolulu Ohhhhhhh em gee) 
   That tiny island above is going to be my home for the next few days. Peter will be my new BFF. A dream come true? Let's hope. SO excited. HAWAII, LET'S DO THIS.
   And I'll have nice new muscle tone when I arrive... A 95 lb woman carrying 90 lbs of gear (40 lbs of which is dive equipment). Yarrgh! Need to pick up some lighter hobbies.