Saturday, June 6, 2015

Anybody hungry?

   This morning after my run and my coffee, I met my friend Kathy northeast of downtown, for a little volunteer project. Her friend Eleanor works with beagle and Basset rescue, and struck up a deal with Blue Buffalo dog foods. The company donates massive amounts of all types of dog and cat food to local rescue groups annually. Usually I've been out of town when the transport comes in, but today I was ready to go help load up the trucks!
 I personally lifted over 4500 pounds of dog food, in 24 or 48 pound increments. That's 45 times my own bodyweight. I know that my muscles are going to be feeling it tomorrow, but I can't even describe the exhilaration of seeing all these people pulling up in their U-Haul's, trucks, vans, and cars, representing dozens of local cat and dog rescues, and helping each other pack them all with free food. What a generous organization!
   Aki and Taylor obliged me with some fun photos when I got home with my payload. Kings of their favorite mountain--FOOD! All this food will soon be distributed to MSIR locations across several states. So thrilled that I got to be a link in this chain.