Friday, June 12, 2015

Butts in the air

   I was having a great day, starting with a meeting at a local space willing to show my paintings for a month, followed by a meeting with my career coach. Then I swung by urgent care, having resigned myself to the fact that this sinus infection is not going to go away with natural remedies, despite two weeks of earnest effort. Ready to get on those antibiotics and start feeling better.
   I walked in the door at home. You know something is up when none of the pets greet you there. And the suspicion was confirmed when I walked into the living room to see the dogs crouched with butts in the air, curly tails wagging excitedly. And the cat, wide-eyed, leaping from couch to couch, wanting to get in on the action.
   I pulled the couches out one by one and overturned them, at which the dogs each dove under with no regard for their own safety, and thought I saw a gray blur shooting out. I gently nudged the CD cabinet from the wall and voila! The culprit.
    I had to pull the dogs away from one side, to ensure that they couldn't get at the little furry beast. A 25 pound dog on a mission is extremely heavy. Shibas are efficient killers, and when they know there's an animal in the house (or anywhere else, for that matter), they mean business!
   Fortunately for Mr. Mouse, I have a kind heart when it comes to mammals. His hiding place was right by the front door, so I was able to use an object to force him out the side towards me, and right out the door. It went off so completely as planned that frankly, I was shocked. The dogs didn't see it go, which is both a good thing and a bad thing: they didn't get a chance to nab it, but because they didn't see it go, they're still searching. I'd rather watch a useless search than watch an animal get murdered in front of me on any day. Sayonara, Mousie! And don't you dare come back!