Wednesday, June 17, 2015


   Once again, today has been extraordinary. I've never been so encouraged and excited about the future. Catching up with Amy, whom I dearly miss seeing five days a week; lunch with good friend and former colleague, Charlie--dreaming about what we could do together; wonderful, encouraging replies from an entrepreneur and leader in animation; a conversation with the scuba course director with whom I'll be diving next week--and a generous offer; and discovering a book that gave me more insight into the philosophy of Laura Parker Roerden, a woman so extraordinary that I can scarcely imagine how I was lucky enough to cross paths with her. This is a passage from her chapter. She is an amazing writer, leader, and advocate for our connection to our planet. 
   Reading it brought me to tears and I can barely contain my excitement about the connection and beauty that I will experience first-hand soon. Somehow I have this innate feeling that I am on the path to finding much deeper meaning for my life and what I have to contribute in my short time here. I've been blessed to discover many transformative experiences in the last few years, and am ready to see what's next.