Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Maui Wowee and ALOHA!

   Met recruiter Jeremy J at Panera this morning, and this was the sugar they offered. I've been to Panera a million times, but I've never seen this brand before. To me it's just one more sign that Hawaii is exactly where I need to be. Which is a good thing, because my ticket is booked.
   Aaaaaaaaand I was just at the gas station and an old lady with Hawaii plates pulled up next to me... It's a sign, I tells ya!!!
   So I high-tailed it to the library for a little light reading. And to finish my work for Hawaii because my internet has been out at home all day (well, the parts of the day that I've been home, anyway.). 
   There were a bunch of guys at the library speaking in Spanish who sat near me. I LOVE listening to people speak in other languages! Even more so when I can join in. They just reminded me of two of my favorite Spanish words, "entonces" and "peliculas." I haven't studied since high school (sorry, Señora Bev Larson​!) and I miss it.
 I came home when the library closed and though the sun was setting, decided to take the dogs for a walk. (They flipped out at the suggestion, as usual.) I threw some music on my iPhone and toured the neighborhood, heading west to enjoy the sunset. Something about that gorgeous color, the dogs being so happy to be outside with me, and the great music I discovered recently--as well as the great conversations I had today with Jeremy, and Gretchen, and Laura--and the two completely random Hawaii sightings--wow. Somehow I feel like today was not terribly unusual, and yet at the same time, I feel like I will look back on today as one of the happiest days of my life. I just know that great things are ahead.
   Part of what is making me feel so good is the feeling that I am genuinely helping people. The design work I'm doing for Hawaii, and advice and support to my friends who had their final day at Hallmark this week. There is so much going on right now, so much emotion, and so many opportunities for me to give back to people who have done awesome things for me. I'm realizing how important this feeling of helping and giving back is to my happiness and well-being, and it's something I will insist upon being an integral part of my next career.
   Here is some of the music that lifted me up today:
Milo Green, on the fence:
James Bay, hold back the river:
Florence and the machine, Ship to wreck: