Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Photos from Chris

   Dive master Chris surprised his wife Melia and showed up at the lake on Friday to document our scuba instructor examination experience. Here I am running up to photo bomb Melia and Jerry:
   Mel got the last laugh, however… By sticking her tongue in my ear!
   Completing the confined water session by giving Sam a big, sloppy, wet hug from the three of us at once!
   Our boys! PJ, Tony, and Jerry:
   Teaching a segment on alternate air source use underwater:
   Playing the victim for the rescue breathing instruction exercise:
   Demonstrating the CESA:
   Celebrating the successful completion of our confined water instruction evaluation by getting out of the freezing cold pool!
   And the one picture I wish he hadn't captured, me wearing his sandals, because I accidentally left mine at the hotel. Hobbit diver Jen!