Friday, July 24, 2015


    This whole summer has been like a highlight reel... every day has been pretty remarkable. This week I'm thankful for my favorite ladies Brenda, Gretchen, and Amy, with whom I had lunch on Wednesday. It was just like old times at work, without the burden of work. How I love these gals—just the funnest, most supportive friends ever. 
    And yesterday the coordinator at JCCC sent the photos of Anya and me with our new BFF, Noel Paul Stookey. Sure, they may not be *quite* as exciting as our photo immediately following Scuba diving with Peter and Christopher Yarrow, but he is every bit as sweet as genuine as those two gentleman... like meeting old friends for the first time. Peter and Paul put on a wonderful show for us, and I'm just feeling so blessed to be surrounded by so many incredible and kind people. Sure makes a girl feel loved!
   These photos crack me up because I'm smiling so much I'm about to break my face. Just. That. Happy.