Friday, July 31, 2015

Nacho update

   Little kitty, now named Nacho by his soon-to-be adoptive mom, is thriving. He gained a pound in a week and is happy, playful, and incredibly adoring of affection. Just goes to show what a little love can do. It has been fun watching him grow these last ten days. I'll have him for just a few more. Lucky me!
   With Mary Ann and Rhonda, who found him in the parking lot. He became so ill with respiratory problems 24 hours after we caught him that I'm certain he would have died without intervention.
   With Kelly, who is graciously helping finance his vet care: 
   A little closer. I think he likes the good life!
   And his "adoring fans" (and by that I mean "resentful of his cuteness housemates"):
   Nacho swipes Aki's nose with his claws every time the nosy girl tries to peek in on him. If you think she'd learn her lesson and give up... You're wrong. The Sheebs don't seem to know he's a little cat and act as if a wild animal is o  the house. And we've all seen what happens to wild animals in my house! Eek!!! @_@