Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Artist for Hire

   Hi friends! I am building up my personal freelance business and seeking new clients. Looking for work for hire as a creative director/strategist, concept/storyboard artist, illustrator, and graphic designer. What makes me unique is that I do everything, end-to-end: devising strategies and coming up with unique concepts, sketching or storyboarding them to communicate ideas clearly and concisely, and well-crafted, appealing illustration and design. I have experience in creating personal and corporate brands and logos, marketing and advertising, event promotion for non-profits, and product design.
   I'd sure appreciate it if you'd check out my work, and share with anyone whom you think may be looking for a creative collaborator and co-conspirator. Thanks very much! — Jen Rarey​
One of my connections shared this on LinkedIn today. All I can say is YES.