Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Bath time? Or mouse time?

   These three knuckleheads were making quite a ruckus in the bathroom this afternoon. I was in my office doing freelance work, but I couldn't ignore the commotion. I fully expected to see a mouse in the tub, but there wasn't. What else could it be??
   Last week they caught and killed a big mama mouse, and a little baby mouse. And while I was sitting at the dining room table working, I saw saw a small, dark shape hopping down the stairs in my peripheral vision. It was the baby mouse's twin brother. I leapt out of my chair, grabbed a trashcan, and herded him into it before the pets even knew he was there. I'm still going with the catch and release program, although it doesn't seem to be serving my interests of a mouse-free house very well.
   The jig is up, mousie!!!
   He's little dudes are so lucky that I am a mammal sympathizer.