Tuesday, September 15, 2015

It's official: not my fault!

   My good buddy, Amy, shared this article with me, courtesy of Intrepid Travel. Apparently I am afflicted with "genome DRD4-7R, a variant of dopaminergic neuroreceptor dubbed ‘the Wanderlust Gene’." 
   "According to researcher David Dobbs, around twenty per cent of us have it: amongst its traits, according to Dobbs, a stronger urge to explore new places, ideas, foods and relationships, as well as a tendency to embrace adventure, movement and change."
   "According to the Tower’s Kylee Seifert, those who 'live to travel, to take risks and to explore beyond the edge of comfort possess a beautiful childlike mentality and primal resourcefulness.'" Of course there are nay-sayers too, as the article mentions.
   Whatever it is that makes me so curious about the world and everything it has to offer in terms of adventure and education, I'm glad I have it. I happen to be working on some map art now, charting my latest adventure. BRING IT, GENES.