Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Quick change

   The painters were here bright and early this morning to start applying new color to my house! They worked so hard yesterday, easily 12 hours: power washing, sanding, scraping, and caulking. I've never seen a crew work harder! It was like a party at my house, as I was sitting inside working on a freelance job and could hear their music playing all day. It made me happy that they were enjoying themselves while they worked.
   The owner of the company, Aaron Brogan, came by this morning to check in with the guys and see their work. He and his sister, Robin, are great people – I'm so glad I chose them!
  Here's the new body color, a warm, medium brown; much more neutral than the old, yellower tan was. Though I never minded the tan, I am SO excited to see the 90s maroon and hunter green accent colors go away! This will make my house look so much better, and hopefully increase the value as well, making it look more modern and giving it more curb appeal.
   You can really see from this picture how thorough they were!
   It's hilarious to see all my deck furniture on the lawn. I think I need to get a croquet set and host a tea party.
   It's strange being in the house with all the windows covered in thick plastic film. I think the pets are a little confused. They've been extraordinarily patient with all the banging around going on out there! It has made it hard to concentrate on my work, but I'm so excited to see the results--well worth the inconvenience.