Monday, October 5, 2015

Weekend work

   The weekend went a little like this: made banana macadamia pancakes with the mix from Hawaii. I assisted while Bryan climbed around in the attic, installing the new HD antenna. (Go Bryan!!!)
   Then I climbed around behind the massive TV stand in contortionist-type positions and rerouted the cables as necessary. And voilà! As soon as I turn in that old cable box on Monday morning, I'll be saving $100 a month. And good riddance: I hardly watched it anyway! And the 20 or so channels I get now will just convince me to watch even less TV.
   Tried out some new nitrile-coated gloves to see if they would prevent the oil from the jalapeños from burning my hands. (Umm...They don't.)
   Still, it was fun to grill for dinner, and the stuffed jalapeños (with bacon, smoked muenster, and cream cheese!) were worth the pain.
   Hanging out with Bryan's kitties on my legs while I did some freelance art work on my laptop was a relaxing way to top off the weekend. These boys sure love each other!