Saturday, October 24, 2015

Weston Bend: back again!

    A morning hike was a great way to get the blood pumping after a verrrry chilly night at camp! But it was well worth it to watch our Royals clinch the game against the Blue Jays. Projected on a white sheet. Suspended between trees. Enabled by a digital projector, a laptop, and a hotspot provided by an iPhone. Technology isn't everything, but it is awesome at times!
   It can scarcely hold a candle to the world's natural beauty, however, and Weston is undoubtedly one of my favorite spots in town for a hike to enjoy the wonder of Autumn. Kelly drove up to meet us at camp, and the three of us had a great time.
   And the lucky dogs enjoyed themselves, as always! How blessed we are to have such a spectacular place so close to home! A mere 40-50 minute drive, and you're transported.