Thursday, January 14, 2016

Dramatic meteorologist is dramatic

   "The weekend starts out cold. Then it gets EVEN WORSE!" —quote from dramatic meteorologist on KCTV5 News. 
   Well you know what, genius? It's winter. And not everyone thinks "cold" equates to "bad." I wish they didn't editorialize the weather. Every time I turn on the news I hear it. And it probably has always been true, but I notice it now more than ever.
   And it made me think: who loves the snow? Kids. Dogs. Fun people. It would be so nice to see everyone embrace the cold and the snow—if you dress for it, it's easy to appreciate the beauty of the change of seasons. 
   Complaining about something that happens like clockwork every year makes you sound old. Move to Florida, already! Yes, driving in the snow forces you to slow down, and the traffic can be a headache. (Is hot weather safer than cold? No... people die from the heat each and every year.) Tornadoes, hurricanes, ice storms, and other clearly dangerous and destructive weather could fairly be labeled as "bad." Snow, on the other hand, is much-needed precipitation. I bet our friends in California would LOVE some snow about now!

   More recent examples:
   Today show: "The GOOD news is that it isn't going to SNOW!"— Al Roker
   KMBC: "I'm going to let you handle the BAD NEWS about the cold temperatures this weekend."
   "Today will be cold but the weekend will get BETTER." —Neville
   "It's so nice to see flowers—it makes you forget about the snow." —Brenda
   All of you, put on an extra layer and change your attitude!