Thursday, January 7, 2016

Personal brand

   Saw this today and liked it. Wanted to share for my creative friends (and beyond). 
   A brand is a shortcut to a decision. Thinking about the designers I hire, I honestly couldn't tell you what their logos are (if they have them), what their websites look like (if they have them), if they have business cards—don’t know, don't care. But each of them does have a “brand": a set of concepts that I associate with them that allow me to make a hiring decision. So I know that X = dependable, respectful of the client and understands complex, nuanced briefs; Y = absurdly creative and lightning-fast (but rides roughshod over the guidelines); etc. THAT, not any visuals, is their brand.
   So, that was a ramble, but my point is: the adornment—like a business card—isn’t a person's "brand". Behavior and achievements = brand.  — Kevin Hassall Wise (graphic design LinkedIn group member)