Saturday, January 23, 2016

Winter hike

   Look at the awesome payoff we found for our 6.3 miles tromping through the beautiful, snowy woods this morning! I heard running water and looked back to see this breathtaking frozen view. We almost missed it!
   We also happened upon two groups of 4 to 7 large, healthy Whitetail deer. As they spotted us, they turned and flashed their comically long tails, as if surrender was necessary because we could catch them on foot… LOL!
   Hiking with Amy was great as ever; we haven't had enough quality time recently and I'm so happy she got us together!
   It was strange hiking with only one of my furry best friends, but Aki is not yet healed enough for a hike of this level. As Taylor and I were sneaking out of the kitchen, I slipped her a smoked bone that Bryan had brought for them, and she didn't register that we were leaving. But she was VERY excited for our return.
   It was a great way to test out my new Garmin for the first time! (Thanks to Mom and Bryan, with an assist from Josh, for a fantastic gift!)