Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Go Capital One!

   Crazy-but-true story of the day: My credit card was used fraudulently in Fort Lauderdale the day before I left for Colorado last week, and they shut down my account. So I was without a credit card for the trip.
   An investigator from Capital One just called me on my cell. Turns out that a guy who lives in Shawnee now has the phone number that used to be my home number (which I shut down a long time ago, but forgot to remove from my credit account).
   He must have used a skimmer to get my card number, and called Cap One from what used to be my home phone number, and changed my PIN. He was in Fort Lauderdale last week and withdrew a bunch of money from an ATM. Cap One gave me his name, so I'm going to go talk to the police today.
   So the moral of the story is: 1) Be extra cautious about letting people take your card (such as at restaurants); 2) Watch for skimming devices at places like ATMs and gas stations—they fit right over the real card readers; 3) Keep your account information updated. Oh, and: 4) Capital One has really impressive skills.