Friday, March 18, 2016

Good Tay

   Heard commotion outside the house, looked outside, and saw a mom in her car driving with the hazard lights on, and two girls running up the sidewalk. They were chasing their dog, Millo, who had escaped from their yard. Millo is a large husky mix, and it was clear that he thought they were playing a fun game with him. He kept letting the girls get close, and then sprinting ahead. That dog could run for DAYS.
   I put on my running shoes and hitched up Taylor, and we took off after them. Took us about a half-mile to catch up with Millo and as I had hoped, he was very interested in meeting Taylor. I was able to slip a leash over his neck, and the girls cheered!
   Just one more reason I love this crazy dog. He will be 10 this year, but he still runs up to 5 miles at a time with me. Such a good boy!
   PS that's one way to help get to my 10,000 steps today!