Monday, March 21, 2016

Journey of 10,000 steps

   I am (still, and likely forever) super excited about my Garmin, a joint Christmas present from Mom and Bryan. That red bar on the left means I need to get up and walk--it reminds me every 30 minutes. Which is great, because until I got this, I didn't truly realize how sedentary my work week is. I run at least three times a week, and was still having trouble making 10,000 steps per day.
   After days of missing the goal, the watch keeps adjusting down to a more achievable target. I got all the way down to 7,400 steps, which is supposed to be motivating... And instead I found it incredibly frustrating. I wanted to challenge myself to do more, not less.
   So I started getting up earlier, and creating a "commute" for myself: walking the dogs at least 2-3 miles per day. I go before work so I can get up to 50% of my steps in before I sit at my desk. The watch buzzes every 30 regardless of how many steps you have, even if you've met your goal--because 30+ minutes of sitting brings about negative metabolic changes. Yikes.
   So I've been walking/running every single day for a few weeks now. My max so far is 24,000 (a hiking day at Perry Lake). Some days when I'm working too hard, I have to run up and down the stairs and do jumping jacks to get to 10k, and if anyone could see me, they would be sure I am a lunatic. But I'm glad to be in control of my metabolic destiny.