Saturday, April 9, 2016

Fast Food!

      Yet another ridiculous but true story...  If this morning you saw a small woman running, decked out in neon pink, carrying the largest salad you have ever seen, that was me.

   I ran a couple miles up to our local farmers market: opening day! I went hoping I would bump into my friend Christy (I did) and intending to pick up a SMALL bunch of spinach for lunch. 
   When I arrived, it was only about an hour until close, so the spinach vendor smiled and handed me not one SMALL bunch, but two GIANT bags of spinach and Romaine! "End of day special!" She proudly proclaimed.
   I wasn't about to refuse and didn't want to insult her, but of course I was wondering how the heck I was going to run all the way home with it. Less than half of it fit in my backpack, in part because I had already picked up two unanticipated bottles of amazing fresh kombucha. My first thought was, "am I actually going to try to run home with this in my arms?!" Followed immediately by: "well, it's certainly not THE dumbest thing I've ever tried!"
   You can imagine the looks I got from the people driving past me, running with bottles clinking, leafy greens in my face.
   Anybody want a salad? This is less than half of the greens… I already shared some with my next-door neighbor!
   And it turns out that kombucha makes a delicious brunch cocktail when mixed with Duffy's Run vodka from my friends at Restless Spirits!