Friday, April 29, 2016

In Concert

   Another chapter in the story of the kids I met at the crosswalk by their elementary school. (I've been walking my dog Taylor around the neighborhood every morning--and making a concerted effort to do so, after learning that these kids lost their mom this year. They light up when they see Taylor.)
   This week, we stood and talked to crossing guard Mary for longer than usual, and it was growing late. Looked like the kids weren't coming. But I'm glad we hung on, because suddenly Mary looked up the street and said, "Oh! Here they come!" 
   The kids only had a couple minutes to get their Taylor hugs and kisses, and Mary encouraged them to get going--they were going to miss the bell. They stood up and adjusted their backpacks, and the girl picked up her clarinet case.
   He started across the street. She turned around and stood close to me, and shyly whispered, "Umm… I have a band concert on Thursday night. Can you come?" 
   And it was that exact moment I realized that they didn't just look forward to seeing my dog every day. "Sure!" I said, taken aback. Of course I would.
   So I went last night. And I thoroughly enjoyed myself, in a packed gymnasium at the high school, listening to the fifth, sixth, seventh, and eighth graders play. Band has come a long way since I was their age, and I was proud to be there supporting my little friend. :)