Saturday, April 2, 2016

Inspired. Excited. Grateful.

   I'm thankful for a weekend surrounded by people who are all three of these things!!! Bryan Dawn Mario Esther Elizabeth Jackie Chris David Wally Angus Dana Fred:  How'd I get so lucky???
   I was a little worried I'd be depressed this weekend, since last weekend was spent doing my favorite thing (snowboarding), but somehow this weekend has matched it! Between hanging out at the coffee shop to meet my art patrons and friends last night, to having an impromptu dinner with Bryan and Dawn; to teaching a scuba refresher for Elizabeth (a friend I met in Mexico for years ago), to a run on a gorgeous, flowery spring day with my Taylor man, this weekend has just been perfect!
   I think my friends would agree that I also carry these three traits in spades, and life is so fun since we all have that in common. I practically drive myself crazy by trying to do too much, but I simply can't help it… Nor do I really want to.