Thursday, April 7, 2016

Never underestimate the power of a pup

   Today's quick lunchtime sketch is entitled "never underestimate the power of a pup".
   Every morning before I start my workday, I take a long walk around the neighborhood with my dogs. Aki is still recovering from recent knee surgery, so she can't go with us right now... But Taylor is friendly enough for the both of them and is carrying the torch.
   I pass an elementary school as the kids are walking in every day, and I've started to get to know them and the sweet crossing guard lady posted out front. As you can imagine, the Shibas are a hit.
   Two kids, a brother and sister, get especially excited whenever they see us, and every morning they run up to us and give Taylor a huge hug--much to his delight, and mine. We walk together and talk until they head into the building. They're usually the last to enter, because they can't stop talking to us.
   Today, the crossing guard commented on how much the kids look forward to seeing my dogs. And she told me that these kids recently lost their mom to a genetic disease. She said they used to be such happy, outgoing kids, but have become much quieter, more reserved. 
   I could barely fight back the tears. Sometimes life seems so unfair. 
But as far as I can tell, seeing my dogs gives these kids a moment of happiness from the difficulty they are going through, so I am making it a point to be out there for them every day.
   So grateful for pets, and the power of their unconditional love. Can't imagine a world without them.
   My step mom commented on my post and the fact that I didn't even realize how much joy we brought the kids. Here was my response, after what happened today:
   I was running a bit late and was afraid maybe I had missed the kids. So I stood there talking to the crossing guard. Suddenly her face lit up and she said, "Oh, here they come!!!" And they came riding down the sidewalk on their bikes. They both hugged Taylor at the same time, and he could barely lick their faces fast enough, switching back-and-forth. 
   As they crossed the street to head into school, the boy looked back at us with a big smile and shouted, "I hope we see you on Monday!" 
   Glad I was wearing sunglasses, because it was tears all over again.☺️ Happy tears!
   It's moments like this that make you realize that the little things in life are really the big things.