Sunday, May 8, 2016

Goose momma

   I have been fortunate to play mom/caretaker to many animals so far. But perhaps the strangest and most fun was a little Canada goose gosling I found abandoned many years ago--in my middle school years. This little fellow imprinted on me and followed me everywhere. He swam with our golden retrievers in the kiddie pool. He even tried to get on the school bus with me… And once, successfully! I used to sit on the steps of the deck at my moms house and he would lie on my legs on his back and fall asleep with his little webbed feet up in the air.
   Eventually, he joined a flock of geese and traveled with them. But my mom swears she saw a goose standing on its own, watching the flock, returning to her yard annually. We're sure that goose was our goose.