Sunday, June 5, 2016

Thanks to my teachers

   BEST surprise of the weekend: when I arrived in Arkansas I heard that my open water instructor, Barb, was there with two of her instructor candidates. I messaged Barb a year ago to let her know I had become an instructor, but I hadn't seen her since I took her open water course in 2009. This morning when I found her I was smiling so hard I was afraid my face would break. Lots of hugs!!!
   I was truly fearful of the water back then, but fortunately Barb saw potential (that I wasn't even sure I had!), and patiently helped me work through my challenges. She helped build confidence that has influenced my life well beyond Scuba Diving. Couldn't be more grateful to her for introducing me to one of my favorite hobbies... and being the first step to prepare me to share it with others.
   Barb recently attained the level of staff instructor, meaning that she now trains both divers and instructors. Congratulations to her and her colleagues from The Dive Shop... Who were a lot of fun to hang out and drink whiskey with this weekend!
   To all you teachers out there: The work you do has ripples far beyond what you could ever know. Thank you!