Saturday, July 9, 2016

Yak Attack!!!

    #anotherboringSaturday ... NOT! Christy organized the fourth annual kayaking games (my third time attending) and we had a blast, as always. There were nearly 20 of us together on the water, in our bright clothes and bright boats.
   Kayaking always makes for great photos. Especially when it includes a scavenger hunt for crazy items like flamingo hats, devil horns, coconut bras, and pirate hats! You have to wear what you find in the trees in the middle of the lake. We also played games like Yak Polo—my favorite! After 4 hours paddling frantically in the sun, I am burned and my arms are Jell-O. WHAT FUN!!!

   We're all Kookoo for Coco Pup!!!

    The Flamingo Twins, lunching.