Thursday, August 11, 2016

Snake mojo

   This morning as the dogs and I were rounding the corner towards home, I spotted a small, brown garter snake sluggishly trying to make its way off the sidewalk and into the grass. Its body it was bent in a couple places. Because it was in the shade, I wasn't sure if it just needed to warm up, or if it was dying. I've lived in my neighborhood for 11.5 years, and this is only the second snake I've seen in the area, so I hoped I could help.
   Got it into bright sunlight and it did become more alert, moving slowly and even flicking its tongue a little. But as it moved, it became more evident that it was injured. I'm afraid something or someone beat up this poor snake. I took it home and put it in a sunny spot in the backyard so that nature could take its course.
   What a far cry from the vibrant, active, and very feisty snake I encountered last week on Theodore Roosevelt Island! That one was so cautious and alert that I couldn't pick it up… It kept striking at me as I was trying to get pictures. Sure wish the snake I found today had more of that mojo. Rest in peace, little guy.