Sunday, October 16, 2016

Inktober hug

   Today's #inktober drawing was inspired by two things: how good it feels to receive a hug when you're in need; and how good it feels to give one to someone in need. Hope you'll share one today!
   And when I say "hug" I really mean any gesture that shows caring and kindness. The universe threw me an opportunity for this:
   Just returned from a walk with the dogs. As we were only a few blocks from home, I saw young man stop his car suddenly at an odd angle and jump out. He hurried across the street. My view was blocked by a car parked on the street, but I came around and saw that he was talking to an old gentleman in distress. The man was lying down in his front yard in the recovery position... Which made me worry that he may be having a heart attack. 
   We stayed a while and talked with him, asking questions to try to discern what might be wrong. He had been doing yardwork and most likely was overcome by the heat. The young guy eventually helped him to his feet and he was able to go inside. He declined any further help, although as a certified emergency first responder, I really wanted to do more, and I hated to leave him.
   As the young man and I were leaving, I patted him on the back and thanked him for being so kind to stop and help. He brushed it off as just doing what anyone would do, but seems to appreciate the gesture. I hope I did my part to make both guys feel like they had been given a virtual hug.
   Last week the dogs and I had an opportunity to help catch a dog on the loose and return him to his owner. We've done this several times before. When you're out in the world as much as we are, you have a lot of opportunities to get to know your community and demonstrate caring and compassion. 
   One thing I dislike about modern technology is that without face-to-face encounters, you miss out on unplanned opportunities for connection. And a thoughtful text message is great, but there's no way it can compare to the feeling of a dear friend throwing their arms around you and hugging you with all their might.
  Human connection is a powerful force, and we all need to feel the love.