Thursday, October 13, 2016

Inktober kindness

   #inktober 13... A simple sketch with a sweet story.
   This morning I walked the dogs as always--we enjoy the fresh air and the exercise, and especially meeting all the kids on their way to the elementary school. I've previously mentioned two special kids in particular, whose mom passed early this year. Once we met them, we have made a point of being out there every single day in the hopes of catching them. And most days, we do. 
   The dogs shriek with excitement when they see the kids coming down the sidewalk, blocks away. The kids always stop and sit on the sidewalk for a few minutes and pet the dogs and talk to me before they have to run across the street to beat the bell. It's very clear from their cute faces how much this little diversion brightens their day--and equally, ours.
   This morning, the girl excitedly approached me with something in her hand. A few days ago, she brought a rose from her yard to give to one of her teachers, and had showed it to me. I thought she might have another.
   What she put in my hand was a folded up dollar bill. It puzzled me for a second, but she quickly explained, "I am so sorry, it's not much, but I want you to have it."
  I was still puzzled. 
   "You're so nice," she said. "And it must be really difficult taking care of two dogs by yourself."
   Well, as you might imagine, my heart about burst right there on the spot. She was giving me a dollar to help me care for my pets! Never would I ever have expected that. I wasn't sure what to say, though I wanted to say it gently and not offend her.
   "Sweetie," I said "please keep your money, and save it for something you really want. I really appreciate you thinking of me, but I'm doing OK."
   She was hesitant to take the money back, but I finally convinced her. Then, she invited me to another symphony concert, but this one was during the day, so I couldn't attend.
   I think it's easy to see why I make such an effort to get out there to greet these kids. (He is as sweet as she is.)
   I sure hope they have a guardian angel looking out for them. I didn't share, but I anonymously donated some money in their names to a school fundraiser last week. I am no angel, but I'm happy to help when I can. :)
   So my #inktober drawing of the day is a simple, funny little group of pets. We are so lucky to have pets in our lives, because they help us make connections. They are intuitive, and sweet, and non-judgmental. I treasure mine for the love they show to me and everyone.