Monday, December 19, 2016

Warm & Merry

   This morning, despite it being 0 degrees with a wind chill of -20 degrees, Taylor and I attempted to walk. Really wanted to get to the school to deliver a Christmas card to Mary. We didn't make it half a block before Taylor started crying and picking up alternating feet—the cold was hurting him. So I carried him back to the house and we hopped in the car, driving the 0.5 miles to Mary.
   I carried Taylor, and she directed us towards her car, pulling out a big, beautiful present (and the daily bag of treats for the pups)! What a surprise! She told me the gift was "very practical" and that she made it.
   We chatted for a while and greeted the handful of kids who were walking to school, wishing them all a Merry Christmas. When Taylor got too heavy, I said good-bye and carried him and the present back to the car. At home, none of us could wait to see what was inside.
   Well, I really couldn't wait, so I opened it.  Inside was a beautiful set of kitchen towels, needlepoint, I think, each with a unique design. And two pretty crocheted trivets. How sweet!
   Meeting Mary and all the kids at Pawnee Elementary has been one of the biggest highlights of the whole year. I look forward to walking over there every weekday. Truly the people you meet are the greatest gift in life!