Sunday, February 19, 2017

Scuba Shower!

       This afternoon was the baby shower for our good friends—Zach, a fellow divemaster, and his wife Megan. They and their daughter Hailey are expecting boy/girl twins in April/May!
   That's my dive buddy Jeff D.—with stickers on our foreheads. (You may recognize Jeff as the guy who kissed me 60' underwater in Roatan.)
   Many from our Skin n Scuba family attended, including Sam himself!
    Aaaaand if you have liquid in your mouth, you should probably swallow that before you read on—don't want a spit take on your computer! Chris, our fabulous organizer, asked me to draw one of the games: pin the sperm on the uterus. My artistic piece de resistance! I've waited all my life to be asked to draw something THIS ridiculous!!! So here they are in all their glory... I give you... SCUBA SPERM!

   I nearly did a spit take when I overheard one of the kiddos speculating what I was drawing on the dry erase board. She guessed "a person holding cookies." Similarly, one of the boys said the sperm looked like snails riding motorcycles. Clearly, my work here is done!