Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Great Omen

   I've been working realllllly hard on a project all week, and tonight at 6:15 I decided it was break time. The dogs were thrilled to walk (even if it meant putting off dinner!), and we started out the front door like we do everyday. But I decided we should drive to South Lake Park instead, to change up our routine. 
   We had just finished our first loop around the lake when a couple, whispering, got my attention and pointed way up in a tree. A large silhouette... a great horned owl! The man handed me his binoculars so I could get a better look. Wow! I've seen barred owls in our 'hood (makes me laugh because I used to think they were "bard" owls). But this was a real treat.
   So the couple joined the dogs and me as we walked, talking about the great blue herons, green herons, and white crested night herons we've seen at the lake—and turtles, catfish, and goldfish as well. We were certainly birds of a feather.
   Then the woman, Jane, mentioned that they were out of the county for October last year, and how surprised she was that the oak mites were still around when they returned in November. Gone for a month? That's the part I wanted to hear!
   Turns out Henry is an attorney—and art lover. They traveled to France, Italy, and the Netherlands to see art museums, and then visited his family in Germany. Suddenly that owl wasn't the most interesting thing today... I have family in Germany, and I'm an artist!
   When I shared that tidbit, Jane perked up—she's a volunteer for PeaceWorks KC, and they're seeking artists to show at the Unplaza art fair in September! My petsitter shows there, and Jane though she remembered Mary Ann's work.
   To sum up, a very interesting conversation—it truly is a small world! When we finished our walk, I gave Jane my card so she can stay in touch. Always nice to meet neighbors and a kindred spirits as well! A cool conversation that all started with an owl.