Sunday, March 19, 2017

Turtle Tattoo!

   Yesterday my dive buddies Michelle and Jason got inked with the sea turtle I designed for them! I look forward to admiring this next time we're all underwater together!!   Nice job to Kelly at Illustrated Man in KC.
   I believe this is the first official tattoo I've been commissioned to create, though I've had my work taken from my site and tattooed without my knowledge before. While it's indeed very flattering that people like my work enough to have it permanently installed on their body, I definitely appreciate the people who understand that artists are professionals who should be compensated for the work they do—it's not free clip art!
   Working with my friends on this art allowed them to be a part of the creative process right along with me—giving me ideas and direction, and landing on one they liked best. Thanks, friends! This was as fun to create as it looks on your shoulder!