Saturday, October 2, 2010


   It was a stunning day in Crown Center Square, and over 70 Hallmark artists filled tents with their arts & crafts, in celebration of our company's 100th anniversary. Kelly & I had cooked up a fun plan to collaborate on some work, but I had to bow out due to a scheduling snafu (had already committed to speaking at Japan Fest), so cross your fingers that there will be a Hallmarket 2: the Revenge of Hallmarket! I do have this to say: I have some freakishly talented friends!!!
   Mark Franzke makes INCREDIBLE handcrafted instruments (and that's Henry in the back, of KCCC fame):
   Diane & Madeline had a very impressive display of their cut-paper-turned-letterpress prints (which were featured in a photo in a recent Crate & Barrel catalog, uncredited):
   A whimsical beaded snowman pin by Cindy Ross:
Gorgeous, nostalgic paintings by Larry Degraff:
My favorite booth design:
Flora Chang's booth was mobbed! (Duh, her work is so cool):
Kelly bought a couple of Flora's button packs & shared them with me:
   Shenanigans from a "miniature shiba" puppy, Swifty, and her Boston terrier buddy. Made me wish I'd had time to bring my two goofballs. Taylor would have enjoyed a birthday romp with them:
Dick's booth was cool (and jam-packed!) as always:
   It looked like a very successful sale. Wish I could have stayed longer to visit with everyone. It was a great reminder of just how talented Hallmarkers are—inside & outside of work!