Saturday, January 29, 2011

Ready for their close-ups

   Today I took the pups to VanDeusen Photography in Brookside, for the photo shoot that I won in the silent auction at Art Unleashed back in August. What a great experience! If you need photos, call Lori. Seriously. Check out their work on their website... Fun stuff!
  I could tell it was going to be good as soon as I walked in the door. They have a gorgeous studio, and Lori and Stephanie greeted me immediately. The dogs LOVED them... Aki, who is usually hesitant around strangers, ran right up with tail wagging and jumped on them. Taylor did the same. (Okay, shame on me for not training the dogs better, but at least they were excited!)
   Clearly these guys, who have been in business since 1978, know what they're doing. They were super super patient with the dogs and gave them lots of time to explore the studio and get comfortable in their surroundings. They worked as a team and had plenty of toys and noisemakers on hand to make sure the dogs were "on" for the camera. Paul took tons of shots of the pups on top of a table covered with a fuzzy black cloth. Once they got used to being up high—and to the sudden sound and flashbulbs—they did great. Taylor kept jumping down from the table to explore, and we had to keep hoisting his chubby butt up there again. I even got into a couple of shots. Can't let the dogs have all the fun!  ;)
  After the shoot, Paul shared some of the best shots with me, and I'll get to come back in about two weeks to review them onscreen and choose my favorites. Can't wait.
  Thanks to them for a fun experience, and especially for graciously donating your services to benefit the Humane Society of Greater Kansas City! The photo above is another shiba they've photographed, Mr. Miyagi.