Friday, January 28, 2011

Back in the game?

   Tonight I came home from work and from my appointment with an attorney to discuss my will and estate plans (though we spent much of the time discussing Scuba diving and snowboarding... go figure!) and it was still light enough that I thought I'd take the dogs for a walk. The thing is, they have SO much energy that walks can be very frustrating for me. In their excitement, they forget their manners and drag me in different directions, darting around almost uncontrollably. It's amazing how strong two 25-pound dogs can be!
   So I decided we'd run. I haven't run in weeks and have been trying to take it easy so that my hips can heal. And I've been feeling great, despite the circuit training, yoga, boot camp, hiking and snowboarding. I didn't plan to run very far. But we got out there in the brisk air (it was 50 degrees today, apparently, but was cooling off quickly) and started on our way. 50% of the sidewalks were clear and the rest were caked with thick ice, snow, and slush. It was a sloppy, slippery mess. And we treated it like an obstacle course: going up, leaping over, running around or crashing through them. The dogs had their collar lights from Madel and were smilling the whole time. And we ran 4 miles, according to my handy-dandy iPod nano with Nike iFit ( YOU, MOM!)
   When we got home we were all chilly and wet and slushy and happy. I gave the dogs a much-needed bath and fed them. And then my thoughts turned to Sunday's race. I shouldn't... I shouldn't... I shouldn't... Hell! I haven't even been training! But I want to run!!! I checked the site, though, and the event is already full with 3500 entrants. Bummer. But maybe a bummer with a silver lining. I'll keep resting and hopefully be able to participate in my other favorite race, the Trolley Run, in April. And next year, Groundhog, you are mine.