Friday, January 28, 2011

Random Hallmark moments: the best intentions

   Ginny's birthday was yesterday. And as much as I wanted to bake on Wednesday night to bring a surprise treat for her on her actual birthday, I was out later than expected and crashed when I got home.
   So last night I whipped up a lemon-swirl cheesecake with graham cracker crust, following a recipe I found online that uses lemon curd. My grocery store just started carrying it in jars, and I had no experience with it but it sounded so good. The prep time was about average; then it bakes for the better part of an hour. Judging from how delicious the batter tasted, this was going to be a favorite of mine. I took it out of the oven at 11:15 pm. It had to cool completely (as in, two hours) before refrigerating to keep the top from cracking or collecting condensation. So I settled in and fell asleep on the couch... and miraculously woke up two hours later to put it away. Everything was going great!
   Flash forward to this morning. I remembered to bring the cheesecake to work and was so excited to spring it on Gin as soon as she arrived. But as 9:00 came and went, I started to worry. So I checked her calendar... and saw that she was taking VACATION today! @#%!!
   The cheesecake *could* keep until Monday, but it wouldn't be as good. So I emailed the department: 
"Let's all celebrate Ginny's birthday... without Ginny. 
My plans to surprise Ginny with a homemade cheesecake today
backfired: I neglected to check her calendar (duh!) and didn't realize
that she was taking PTO today. Soooooo..... I have a lemon swirl 
cheesecake that I'll break out after lunch and put on the table 
outside my office. Please have a slice in Ginny's honor." 
Gary and Gary conspired with me on these photos:
Open wide for a virtual bite of your birthday cheesecake!
   Everyone seemed to enjoy the cheesecake enough that it is DEFINITELY a do-over, so I guess I have to thank Ginny, because now I'll get to eat some... TWICE!
Here's Gary's take on it: